Illegal Home School – A video for film class final project

My final project for Survey of video class assignment was to produce a short film.

Because of a situation, I had to do it  alone when the rest of the class worked as a 20+ person group.
The Magic gang bailed me out and filled in the gaps I could have never pulled off on my own.

We were inspired by Paul’s childhood snafu of paperwork and in the 1st production meeting that happened to finish with a few Magic Games being played, couldn’t all be work now could it, we sorted the ideas and thought we would do a spin on the snuggie blanket commercials .

The time you all took to help me out of this mess and the massive effort involved including, giving up a Saturday night till 2am, using your film and audio equipment, bringing your own costumes helping with lighting sets and munchies…

What an eye-opening experience as to the quality and kindness of my friends and kids. You are  a stellar group of people and I could not thank you enough but, I can try….

How about the next magic game here while we are on holiday break and between semesters? I will make a meal fit for the best friends and family ever…

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